Friday, March 13, 2009

No...Not Again!

I feel like all my posts have been about Paige lately, but what can I do, some kids just know how to make a good story. A couple of years ago Paige broke her arm jumping on the tramp with Joe. It was our first broken anything and she handled it like a champ. This last week, I guess she just needed something to do and so she decided to do it again!! She was sitting at the table coloring(i mean how much more ridiculous can it get) and she fell off the bench and put her arm out to catch her fall. She cried for a little while and I knew it was hurt, but I thought I would watch it for awhile to see it was o.k. Well I went to work that night and asked one of the E.R. nurses about it and she told me to watch her the next day to see if she seemed like she was still in pain.
Now to defend myself here I work in an emergency room and 90% of people that check in to the E.R. are not emergencies and are part of the reason the rest of us pay so much in insurance premium. (that is a topic for a completely different day). So I am a little less likely to run my kids to the doctor screaming help.. In this case however I waited until Monday-two days later-to take her to a doc. Now don't I feel like mother of the year when they tell me that she has a buckle fracture and needs a cast. I hope my children do not grow up and write a book about me and what a neglectful mom I was!!! Love you Paige.....but lets not go for number 3!!!


  1. poor paigie poo. have a blast next wk.

  2. What a bummer, and POOR PAIGE, but no worries about the negligent mothering thing! I think I would win mother of the year before you; I broke my baby's hand when she was 10 months old. I accidentally knocked a stocking holder off the mantle, and as she was constantly my little shadow the minute she became mobile, she was right there and the blasted stocking holder came down right on on top of her hand. Her tiny little hand was smashed between our tile hearth and a 5 lb stocking holder. It broke two knuckles and two fingers, and my poor little baby had a hot pink cast on for Christmas! It was AWFUL. I cried more than she did, and I kept imagining how it could have killed her if it had fallen a few more inches and landed on her head...

    I'm sure that cute little Paige will be healed in no time and back to her happy little life soon!

  3. Well, she sure is a cutie, sportin' the cast or not. Great pictures! Don't feel bad about it. You were being a wise, frugal mom not a neglectful one.
    Are your and Joe's thongs all ready for the islands? I am sooo jealous. It's rainy and cold here and I could just scream!

  4. She is so adorable!! I love the cast #1 pic, so cute!! We all have our moments of feeling like a bad of mine was when Elliot had to get surgery on his ear to clean out an infection in the bone and the doctor told me that he infection was one of the worst he'd ever seen and he took some of the inner ear tissue to do a biopsy!! I felt like a horrible mom because I'm sure it took a really long time to get that way!! Are you going somewhere warm and sunny?!

  5. Poor precious Paigey. She sure handles it like it's no big deal.
    Hope you are enjoying your trip!!

  6. So sorry for Paige. Renae had one of those when she was a year old. Hard to catch, if it makes you feel any better! Give her a hug for us!