Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rocky Mountian National Park

We took a trip this month out to Colorado with the family.. I wish I could say the whole family, but my sister Sarah was toooo prego to make the trip. But John and Carrie came from Kansas City and Megan and Chris came up from Shiprock and we all had a great.....cold.....rainy weekend at the park!

The cousins...

We took the kids rock climbing and had a great hike up to the cliffs. The sun was out for awhile but only long enough for my three nieces to climb and then the rain started pouring down. We had to abort mission.. But Anna,Hailey and Eden did a great job on the rocks!

Addison had a breakdown about something...I can't even remember what it was....She informed me that she did not like our family and she was leaving. She told me that she would get a servant to feed her breakfast lunch and dinner..which she would pay for with her "kid job" answering phones at "the office"!
She said she could not wait until all her dreams could come true and she could move out!

I can't wait until she's a teen-ager! :)


  1. Addie is a crack-up! She'll keep you laughing... Miss you all!

  2. Ha Ha Ha, Addie is so dang cute and always good for a laugh or two. Nice to see ya around your blog again.

  3. You guys are so adventureous! I love it. I also love that my kids aren't the only ones begging to live somewhere else. Oh, they don't know how good they have it! Someday they'll appreciate us, Steph. Until then.....we'll just keep on keepin' on! Miss ya, girl!

  4. Addison is such a hoot! Hmmmm, I wonder where her sense of humor comes from. Seriously I am busting up over here!
    Too funny!
    As usual I love all your pictures!

  5. Addison is awesome! If she wants to move to California, she can join our family... I like the way that chick thinks. I would like a servant to feed me breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well! What a great idea. I'm pretty good on the phone; where's her office?

  6. I love it when the cousins get together, it is always so fun...and there is always the inevitable breakdown at some point!! Addison sounds like a crack up. I love the way kids think :)