Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

Halloween is the Best!!!! The costumes and the candy and the pumpkin it! So here are a few pics of my little stinkers in their Halloween garb..about to embark on the two hour candy hunt! Seriously...they were out for a long time this year...partly because it was warm, and also because they are getting older.
I got to stay home and pass out the candy. I love to see all the little kids especially the ones that are too scared to come to the door because of the scarecrow that sits on the porch...they are my favorite.
Now I am left much of this candy would my kids miss if I throw it away?

shhhhh...don't tell!


  1. So as you know I love these girls like they were all mine. So So cute. Lauren after she saw Carly informed that next year she would like to be a dead princess and have her make up like Carly coco pop.

  2. so, so cute! I love how their personalities come through in the choices of costumes. cutest girls! love the pics, too. You're fab! Miss ya tons!

  3. Too cute Steph! Love the costumes. You guys are awesome!

  4. I love the little red riding hood mixed with the vampire look. All are completely adorable.